World Wrestling Entertainment Television
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Acronym WWE TV
Establishment 2008-current
Owner(s) Darrion1010
Staff Darrion1010 (Owner & Commentator)

Welcome to WWE TVEdit

WWE TV (World Wrestling Entertainment Television) is the CAW League of The New Age of CAW. The First WWE TV Unaired Show was on WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 , There were a huge variety of CAWs From Originals to From TV Shows and Animes. In 2012 , WWE TV continued onto WWE 12 , this unaired season featured so many new CAWs from different Animes , some being CAWs for the first time. Above Time , WWE TV decided to go further into the rankings by going into the Attitude Era , meaning that WWE TV would go to the extreme in order to be as great as major CAW Leagues .

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